Strategic Mental Health values the importance of the patient-provider relationship. In order to foster the relationships that best yield patients’ health potential, our team connects you with the most trusted providers who will work with you toward optimal, comfortable recovery.

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Includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of behavioral, emotional and mental disorders or imbalances.

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Therapy techniques vary depending on each patient’s unique needs, but all fall under a general umbrella of “talk therapy,”

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Therapy (MTM) is a treatment service used to ensure that a patient’s medications are dosed and combined in a healthy, optimal manner for healing.

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Treatment for addiction to prescription opioids usually includes both: medications and counseling/behavioral therapies.

At Strategic Mental Health, we are committed to finding patients providers who can monitor and work with them through the ups and downs of mental health conditions. Our providers are experienced, respected, patient and respectful of the importance of mental health in every person, from child to elder.

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The first step to treat depression is to seek help from a professional mental health care provider. Many treatments have been very successful for depression, but it is important to remember that each person and condition is unique.

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With effective treatment, bipolar disorder can be controlled. Treatment for bipolar disorder helps many individuals, even those with the most severe forms, gain better control over their mood swings and other bipolar symptoms.

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Anxiety & Panic Disorders

The first step to treating anxiety disorders is a proper diagnosis. A primary care provider should provide an initial evaluation that can rule out other physical health conditions (overactive thyroid or low blood sugar) or side effects of diet or medications

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Because there is no known cause for schizophrenia, treatments are typically focused on reducing or eliminating the symptoms that the patient suffers from. (Antipsychotics, Psychosocial treatments, Coordinated specialty care)

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Substance Abuse

A substance abuse disorder involves the repeated use of harmful or hazardous use of alcohol or drugs to produce pleasure, alleviate stress, alter or avoid reality.

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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is treatable and can be managed successfully as a chronic disease. Successful treatment often comes as a result of a combination of behavioral therapy and medications.


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Monday – Thursday  8am – 6pm