While often used interchangeably, substance abuse (substance use disorder) is different than drug addiction. Over 20 million Americans struggle with substance use disorders every year and there are several different types, many of which occur together with patients.

What is substance abuse?

This disorder involves the repeated harmful or hazardous use of alcohol and/or drugs to produce pleasure, alleviate stress and/or alter or avoid reality. Drugs that are used can be legal or illegal. The use of these substances causes clinically and functionally significant impairment that results in health problems, disability, failure to handle personal, social and work responsibilities.

Types of Substance Abuse
  • Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Tobacco Use Disorder
  • Cannabis Use Disorder
  • Stimulant Use Disorder
  • Hallucinogen Use Disorder
  • Opioid Use Disorder
Differences between abuse and addiction
  • Abuse often appears casual, while addiction presents serious symptoms
  • Addiction comes with withdrawal symptoms
  • Addiction is considered a mental disorder
  • Abuse alters the brain briefly, addiction alters the brain permanently

If you or a loved one suffers from substance abuse problem, it is important to seek professional help. Strategic Mental Health offers professional treatment from our licensed staff of medical providers for all substance abuse disorders.

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