What is medication management?

Medication management therapy (MTM) is a treatment service used to ensure that a patient’s medications are dosed and combined in a healthy, optimal manner for healing.

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Medication management services
include the following:
  • Patient performance assessment
  • A comprehensive review of prescriptions, including all possible interactions and side effects
  • Design for both short and long-term medication treatment plans
  • Safety assessment for prescription medication plans
  • Patient education and thorough instruction on medication plan compliance
  • Communication and documentation amongst MTM service providers and relevant medical authorities
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What medication therapy management services
are available?
  • Medication therapy review (MTR). MTR involves pharmacist consultation and a regular review of symptoms. Based on dialogue and observed patterns, the pharmacist or medical authority can see if symptoms are being helped and whether new symptoms are related to medication or medication interactions.
  • Medication-related action plan (MAP). A MAP helps a patient keep track of certain behaviors associated (whether induced or relieved) with current medication. Keeping track of behavior reminds patients to take medication, to witness progress and finally, it provides an accurate growth chart for physicians at times of review.
  • Personal medication record (PMR). A PMR should be updated frequently to notify pharmacists or physicians or all possible drug interactions and ensure the safety of the patient.
  • Intervention and referral. If it looks like a patient is neglecting or abusing medication, intervention and referral services can be implemented.
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Is my pharmacy MTM?

Your pharmacy is likely already MTM, as eleven national pharmacies already are. Inquire with your local pharmacy about their MTM compliance and find out if you should look for additional assistance and services.

To learn more about medication management programs and whether or not you are a candidate, reach out to our team at Strategic Mental Health.