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What is geriatric care?

Geriatric mental health care is a special planning process that caters to the long-term care of elderly patients with psychical or mental impairments.

Geriatric care programs are individualized to improve elderly patients’ quality of life, meet long-term care needs, improve quality of life and sustain independence where and when available. They combine health care and psychological care with realistic service demands such as home care, nutritional care, activity assistant, financial and legal planning.

Geriatric care providers create a holistic program and gather the necessary individuals to oversee each elder’s health.

Who is involved in geriatric care?

Geriatric care professionals manage and oversee patient care, but they also work with patent families to ensure the most holistic approach the family member’s all-day and long-term health goals. In some cases, outside medical care, social care or geriatric psychiatric services are summoned, as well.

What qualifies geriatric care providers?

Geriatric care providers are knowledgable in health, psychology, human development, family dynamics and resource funding from public and private groups. These care providers draw on their extensive background to approach elderly patients with long-term healthcare needs from a comprehensive perspective, ensuring the cooperation and necessary resources from relevant parties.

What should I expect in geriatric care?

Geriatric care plans commence with an initial patient assessment that takes between 2-5 hours. The assessment includes visits with family and draws on data such as medical history, social history and finance history. Assessments are made for falling risk, home safety, nutrition, depression, pain, mental health, balance and gate. Other physical assessment may be made based on patient conditions and history.

Is geriatric care right for me?

As you age, geriatric care is a smart way to ensure thorough health care while keeping family and friends up to speed in your aging process. Geriatric care plans are comprehensive, so while knowing your health is under surveillance, you can also rely on the involved parties to assist with legal and financial affairs.

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