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What is inpatient psychiatric care?

Inpatient mental health care provides necessary care to patients in residential settings. Residential mental health care centers feel homey and are equipped and staffed to provide space and resources for sleeping, bathing, dining, recreation, and treatment.
Patients are cared for and tended to around the clock and scheduled for daily check-ins with nurses, counselors, and providers in group or one-on-one settings.

Is there only one type of inpatient?

Patients in residential psychiatric treatment centers are not all on the same regimen. An residential mental health center allows for individualized inpatient mental health treatment in a group setting.

What type of staff works at an inpatient mental care facility?

Inpatient centers are staffed by therapists, patient care workers, social workers, registered nurses, psychiatrists, and peer specialists. A rounded staff provides each patient’s care to be comprehensive while also providing the necessary resources for all patients in residence.

What is the length of stay as an inpatient?

Depending on patient needs and physician recommendations, inpatient psychiatric hospitalization lasts from days to weeks.

Why inpatient care?

Recovering in an inpatient center allows patients who are restoring their mental health to rest more comfortably and in a facility better equipped for their needs than they usually have at home. It also helps them learn coping skills for one-on-one conversations and in group settings, and provides the space and resources necessary to heal.

Who is a candidate for inpatient residential treatment?

Patients who are no longer in need of acute monitoring but who would benefit from intensive mental health services are candidates for inpatient therapy. A physician’s recommendation will identify whether you or your loved one is eligible for the immersive healing therapy.

To learn more about inpatient psychiatric centers and services, reach out to Strategic Mental Health.